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Every product we sell is protected by the ICO Quality Guarantee, a promise to all our customers that any item they purchase will be an impeccable culinary object. 

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  • Whipped Cream Dispensers

    How to choose the best cream whipper for you:

    1.) How often are you going to use it? Stainless steel stays cleaner for longer. If you plan to use your dispenser multiple times a week, consider stainless steel.

    2.) What are you going to make? Our dispensers are perfect for making whipped cream, sweet and savoury mousses, hot soups, Spanish espumas, cake frosting, cocktails, and many more delicious aerated concoctions. If you plan to heat your dispenser often, select a model with an aluminum or steel headset, and keep the temperature below 55°C.

    3.) Do you need Nitrous Oxide (N2O) to go with it? Your new dispenser won't work without nitrous chargers. Our starter kits include 10 chargers and offer great value!

  • N2O Chargers

    N2O (Nitrous Oxide) is the gas used to aerate the liquid inside a whipped cream dispenser. It is sometimes called laughing gas because it is also used in dental offices. It is completely safe to use, but should not be inhaled.  

  • CO2 Chargers

    CO2 (or Carbon Dioxide) is an odourless and colourless gas that has many common applications. The 8g chargers are often used to carobonate drinks or even brew beer at home. 12g chargers are often used in airsoft and paintball guns, and 16g chargers have a multitude of culinary and other uses. 

  • Cutting Tools
  • Home Soda Systems

    Create your own soda water at home for oodles less than a Sodastream machine.

    What is soda water? Soda water, or sparkling water, is water with carbon dioxide added to it. This process makes the water bubbly, like soda. It is made by injecting CO2 directly into the water, and can be used in cocktails or soft drinks!

  • Water Filtration

    Water. It’s the foundation of all life on earth. Essential to our well being, it makes up 75% of our lean tissue, 83% of our blood and 22% of our bones. It nurtures, regenerates and restores every cell and without our daily top-up we will become dehydrated which could leave us feeling tired and lethargic and even suffering from headaches. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to organ malfunction.

    Aqua Optima has been researching water for years; testing it and refining it using the latest technology until we came up with our filters, which make cleaner, purer water just as nature intended.

    Aqua Optima water filters let you recreate this purity in your home, quickly and easily in filter jugs, kettles and water chillers. Using our unique patented 5-step filtration process, Aqua Optima water filters remove impurities that even boiling can’t eliminate, leaving you with purer water faster.

    At ICO, we are proud to sell this unique and outstanding product.

  • For Cheese
  • Replacement Parts

    Everyone needs a replacement part every now and then. All our replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same standards as the originals and are compatible with ICO, Whip-It!, and iSi brand products.

  • Mixing Bowls
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Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items